David Gudgell
David Gudgell Former Non-field SASA Student
This will be the third year that I will be participating as an off-field official at the Stars and Stripes Academy. Although my goal is to work on the field each year, I have been very willing to return each year as an off-field official for a few reasons:
  • 1) Value - As an off-field official, the cost is roughly half of the on-field officials.
  • 2) Training – All officials (on or off-field) receive the same training from the most talented staff of any football officials camp/academy in the nation.
  • 3) Crew – Because all off-field officials are assigned to a crew, you get to participate in all crew conference calls and preparation work. Off-field officials are treated as another member of the crew
  • 4) Mentors - As an off-field official, you have a lot of valuable one-on-one time with the staff that the on-field officials do not have. The biggest return on my money at each academy is the time spent in the bleachers watching my crew on the field and talking football with our crew mentor. It is a great chance to ask the tough questions or learn how to make it to the top of the college game from those that are already there. This time is invaluable!
As an off-field official the past two years at SASA, I have left the academy with many new friends, more knowledge of how to succeed in officiating and a strong desire to come back to the academy next year – either on or off the field.

The Stars and Stripes Academy is intense training for officials focused specifically on "big time" college football. Small college and FCS level officials will prepare themselves to take the next step to D-1 football. High school officials will get a taste of the college experience and improve at their current level while preparing to take the next step. Do you have what it takes to be a "SASA survivor"?

Registration for SASA is open to anyone seeking to become a better football official at any level, regardless of experience.

Students are assigned to crews, work real semi-pro football games from start to finish and are trained by some of the most respected college football officials in the world. This intense experience begins months before the Academy and culminates with three days of "balls to the wall" training and field work in Salt Lake City, Utah.